Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Women

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No one is immune to the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction. It sees no age, race, color or gender. When it comes to women, statistics reveal that there are about 19.5 million females aged 18 years old and older who have used illicit drugs in the past year.

There are also 8.4 million females aged 18 years old and above who have misused prescription drugs. The numbers are alarming, more so because the figures have quadrupled from 1999 to 2014. These only go to show how drug rehab for women has become a necessity.

Women and Addiction

The prevalence of substance abuse among women has led to studies that show how using drugs and alcohol can lead to issues of fertility, menstrual cycle, fertility, menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. There are some who engage in such affairs out of their want to fight exhaustion, control their weight, attempt to treat their own their mental health issues, and cope with their ill feelings. These issues are being closely attended to at women’s rehab centers.

The figures stated above show just how widespread the problem is. Women, whose demographic previously had low rates of heroin, have increased in number in terms of using the said drug. There is also an increase even with respect to alcohol use disorder. A 2015 survey revealed that 5.3 million women are suffering from the condition. These numbers have paved way for the establishment and existence of a lot of women only rehab centers.

Why Drug Rehab for Women is Important?

Everybody suffering from addiction needs help. But there are unique needs among women which necessitates their admission to women’s drug rehab centers. Being inside a facility that caters to drug rehab for women means their specific needs are met. Treatments that work with men will not always yield the same result.

Drug rehab for women employs an approach anchored on the context of a woman’s life such as her social and economic environment, relationships with loved ones, peers, and other support systems, and the impact of culture and gender. It also makes use of gender-responsive treatment as gender differences can play a role in the pattern of substance abuse disorder.

 There are certain factors that contribute to substance abuse in women including stress, strain in relationships, familial influence, co-occurring disorder, and post-traumatic stress among others. These issues are being dealt with inside the women-only rehab centers.

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Unique Treatment at Women’s Rehab Centers

The biggest benefit one gets when joining a drug rehab for women is securing unique treatments specifically for women. These rehab centers offer safety and security especially since a considerable number of women suffering from addiction are going through the condition because they have experienced sexual abuse or sexual violence. Being in drug rehab for women offers them a safe zone where they can open up about these experiences. This sense of safety offers them a nurturing environment where they have each other for support.

There are also personalized treatments specifically catering to issues being faced by women. This includes domestic violence / emotional abuse therapy where they process the experience and heal the hurt that it has caused. The same is also true to sexual abuse trauma therapy. Sharing common experiences make it easier for many to open up, relieve the nightmare, and move on from those situations.

Eating/body image therapy is also offered by women only rehab centers. A lot of women suffer from body image issues, which eventually lead to eating disorders. Facilities offering drug rehab for women acknowledge this fact and they help resolve them by individual and group counseling. Family-based treatment is also available. It involves the family and places emphasis on the role of a powerful bond in helping a person become sober.

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What to Expect at Drug Rehab for Women

If you are going to women’s rehab centers, here are some things you will experience:

 Intake – After getting in touch with the drug rehab for women of your choice, an initial assessment of your condition will be done. This will be done through interviews and by answering questionnaires. The data collected will be utilized to come up with a treatment plan catering to your specific needs.

 Detox – Many regard this as the hardest process as this is the stage where you stave off from the substance you are addicted to. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms is expected but women’s rehab centers have licensed and certified personnel who will help you get through this stage.

 Treatment – The goal of this drug rehab for women is to ensure that behaviors and attitudes are rectified so participants can move forward with their lives. This is also to give them the capacity to remain sober after rehabilitation.

 Aftercare – The challenges do not end after the completion of drug rehab for women. Relapse must be considered so there should be an aftercare program in place. This is to ensure you remain on the right track even after leaving the women-only rehab centers.

Treatment Options at Our Rehab Centers

At our facilities catering to drug rehab for women, the following treatment options are available:

      • 12-Step Program – This may be religious in nature yet even nonreligious individuals attest to its effectiveness. The focus here is on one’s relationship with a higher being.
      • Non-12-Step Program – This drug rehab for women treatment option is secular. It places emphasis on staying away from drugs.
      • Holistic Approach – This option focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit to ensure a full recovery. The person is treated in its totality as opposed to the addiction only.
      • Faith-based Rehab – Drug rehab for women facilities utilizing this option seeks to strengthen one’s relationship with God to achieve long-term sobriety.
      • Dual Diagnosis – This is where other issues are examined to understand what led to the addiction. Women only rehab centers will look into the trauma, experiences, and mental health issues of the participant.

Paying for Drug Rehab

Many opt not to enter a drug rehab for women because of the price tag that comes with it. However, this should be the least of your reasons why you would choose not to seek treatment.

The Affordable Care Act makes drug rehab for women very much accessible. You can also use your savings to get the kind of treatment you deserve. Other loved ones and support system may also help out in paying for the rehab.

If the above options are not available for you, there are banking institutions and other lending institutions that will give you a loan specifically for your healthcare. As another option, you can also use your credit card to pay for your choice of drug rehab for women facility.

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