Snorting, Smoking, And Shooting Adderall: Effects and Dangers

Adderall is commonly given to people with ADHD and those with problems focusing. However, some succumb to abuse, leading to snorting Adderall, smoking, or even shooting to increase effects. What are the dangers of abusing this prescription drug?

Adderall has recently appeared in a 2018 Netflix documentary called “Take Your Pills”, which explores the effects of psychoactive drugs. In the feature, Adderall is commonly abused by college students in order to ace exams or complete projects due in short timelines. The commonality of prescribing Adderall made it possible for a black market to exist, leading more people to misuse the drug in different ways.

Although Adderall is commonly taken as a pill orally, the drug can also be taken through other means such as snorting, shooting, or smoking. Adderall, like cocaine, these methods of taking the drug makes the effects come in quicker, as they bypass the digestion system, sending the drug straight to the bloodstream. Of course, there are also known dangers for trying and regularly using these methods.

Can you snort Adderall?

Some people who are taking the drug orally and have experienced lesser effects wonder what happens if you snort Adderall. There are some potential effects and dangers when trying to do this.

Dangers of snorting Adderall

  • Faster absorption of the drug: When one snorts Adderall, the active ingredients of the drug travels in the nasal membranes straight to the bloodstream leading to the brain. When this happens, the effects happen much quicker if you were to take the drug by mouth. Consequentially, you may be overwhelmed with the stronger effects as well.
  • Quicker disappearance of effects: The common reason why do people snort Adderall is due to its quick effects. On the other side of the coin, the sensations also wane much faster as the metabolization of the drug also happens at a hastier pace. Some people who snort for the first time are surprised at the “strong yet short” effects of Adderall.
  • Ear, nose, and throat problems: The issue with snorting Adderall is introducing substances that are not meant for some areas of your ears, nose, and throat. This causes damage such as loss of sensation or sores.
  • Overdose: Since the effects of Adderall are unpredictable when snorted, there is also a potential for a drug overdose, which can be deadly. Loss of consciousness, heart problems, and confusion are signs of Adderall overdose. Seek medical emergency services when needed.

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Can you smoke Adderall?

Another method of taking Adderall is by smoking. Some users try to grind the drug, mix it with liquids, or heat it on a metal surface while inhaling the vapors. Others wonder, “Can you sniff Adderall rather than snort it?” Although it is possible, there are also potential effects and dangers with this process.

Dangers of smoking Adderall:

  • Dizziness and nausea: Some people are sensitive to inhaling vapors as other chemicals are being released when burning or heating drugs. It is possible to experience dizziness and nausea when trying to smoke Adderall.
  • Coughing: Another quick effect of smoking Adderall is experiencing a cough. The smoke can irritate the respiratory passages when inhaling, making one cough constantly even when a smoking session is over.
  • Respiratory and lung problems: Respiratory-related health issues can appear when constantly smoking Adderall. This is because some chemicals present in the drug are not safe nor tested for inhaling. Not to mention, all smoke contains carbon monoxide, which causes cancer as well.
  • Poisoning: High levels of smoke can be poisonous, and the dangers become magnified if you are smoking a specific drug. The chemical reactions of burning or heating Adderall with other liquids are unknown, leading to a potential toxin.

Can you shoot Adderall?

Like snorting or smoking, there are also people who try to shoot Adderall using a syringe. Commonly, the drug is crushed, mixed with water or other dissolving liquid, and injected in a vein to arrive directly in the bloodstream. Shooting any kind of drug is dangerous and can present life-threatening effects when done long-term.

Dangers of shooting Adderall

  • Overdose: Shooting Adderall presents one of the quickest ways for the drug’s active ingredient to arrive in the brain. The overload of chemicals can result in a potentially life-threatening overdose.
  • Increased dependency: The fast effects of injecting Adderall also leads someone to be more addicted to the drug. This short-circuit method of getting “high” quickly reinforces higher levels of abuse.
  • Vein problems: When one regularly injects foreign substances in the vein, there are some chemicals that buildup in that area, causing damage and eventual collapse. Vein problems can cause stroke, circulation issues, and infections.
  • Infections: Other people who shoot Adderall regularly may mistakenly inject the drug on a tissue, which can cause infections. The drug is rejected by the tissue, causing a buildup of white blood cells to fight off the foreign chemical. These types of infections can also cause life-threatening sepsis.

Adderall Addiction? Help Is Available

If you have been smoking, snorting, or shooting Adderall, or experiencing signs of addiction, it is never too late to save your health and your life. There are resources available to get you started on your journey to being addiction-free. Drug abuse shouldn’t define you, and it should certainly not rule over you. You can recover from Adderall addiction.


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