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TRICARE and Rehab Coverage

There are many health insurance companies that have addiction treatment coverage. TRICARE rehab coverage is one of the options you might have available. This insurance company offers insurance coverage to military personnel and family members of these personnel. If you are in this group of people and need TRICARE addiction treatment coverage, you may be able to get it. There are many levels of treatment for an addiction you can look into. Whether you need to control your withdrawal symptoms, go through detox, or have medication assisted treatments, TRICARE is here to help you out.

 Just like any other insurance plan, there are varying levels of insurance coverage that you might be eligible for. When you are looking into TRICARE, you may have to follow along with the TRICARE rehab network, to get the help you need.

Alcohol and Drug Detox through TRICARE

Does TRICARE pay for drug rehab? Patients that need to get addiction recovery help can do so from professional medical centers that offer alcohol and drug detox services. They can do this with TRICARE rehab insurance. Both the medications and medical care received in alcohol and drug detox programs will fall in the category of detox if they are being used to manage symptoms of withdrawal. The alcohol and drug detox coverage will be intact when the clients who have TRICARE are enrolled in an approved outpatient or inpatient care center. Partial hospitalization and residential treatment are also qualifiers for medical centers that go through the detox service coverage.

Inpatient Coverage through TRICARE

If every condition is met, TRICARE will offer coverage for non-emergency and urgent inpatient addiction treatment. For example, if a client through TRICARE exhibits a medical or psychiatric emergency related to addiction and needs hospitalization immediately they can meet the requirements for getting urgent care. In the majority of situations, the coverage through this insurance company will apply through the stabilization and detox process. Additionally, this insurance company covers the diagnosing and treatment for complications that arise short-term and long-term from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Intensive Outpatient Rehab Coverage and TRICARE

Are you looking for TRICARE mental health insurance? If so, you can find that TRICARE does cover programs through intensive outpatient rehab centers. If a patient meets the requirements, they may get the coverage needed. The patient must have an active addiction, yet they don’t have to need around-the-clock supervision or care through a hospital setting. TRICARE clients won’t need to get prior authorization before they get care from an intensive outpatient treatment center.

 Those who have a substance abuse disorder may also get intensive outpatient treatment when transitioning out of an inpatient treatment center program. If you are looking for TRICARE mental health coverage, you can get it for a range of mental health conditions. These programs will address the underlying issues related to the addiction. They will also help these patients to learn relapse prevention skills needed to live a long, healthy recovering lifestyle.

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Medication Assisted Treatment Coverage and TRICARE

If someone is a TRICARE member with a diagnosis of an opiate abuse disorder they may qualify to receive medication assisted treatment. This may include various mental health treatments, besides the medications used for discouraging relapsing and preventing withdrawal symptoms.

 Patients might not need to have pre-authorization to receive medication assisted treatments. For them to qualify, the alcohol or drug rehab facility just needs to be authorized by the DEA to prescribe and monitor medication usage through methadone or suboxone treatment centers.

Living House Coverage and TRICARE

There is some coverage for sober living houses through TRICARE. This type of coverage falls under the partial hospitalization center programs. If someone has an addiction to alcohol or drugs and enter into recovery, they may be able to receive these support services. While there is not around-the-clock care, there is still a sober living environment for the recovering addict. This promotes sobriety and gives the recovering addict more time to hone their relapse prevention skills.

 The patients who are staying in the sober living house must show they can reach and stay sober through outpatient services. If they are going to stay in a sober living house, they must actively participate in a recovery program as well.

Out-of-Network and In-Network Care through TRICARE

The TRICARE plans usually will cover the treatments and procedures that are needed by medical necessity. Patients need to choose a provider that is covered through TRICARE. The in-network providers have an agreement with TRICARE for the billing of addiction rehab treatment services. The patients who receive these services will only have to pay for a part of the total cost.

 There are some patients who are enrolled in Prime Remote, Young Adult Select, Retired Reserve, Reserve Select, or TRICARE Select plans. These patients are allowed to use out-of-network providers who they choose. However, if they choose these providers, they may have a higher amount they have to pay out-of-pocket. The out-of-network cost might be 15% more than what is allowable through in-network providers. In some instances, the patients through TRICARE have to pay the entire cost and ask for a reimbursement through their insurance company after receiving the services.

 You can contact the center you prefer to see if they accept TRICARE. You can also contact TRICARE to see what rehab centers, sober living houses, and other addiction related centers they work with.

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Finding Accepted Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers that Work with TRICARE

There are various ways you can find alcohol and drug rehab centers that work with TRICARE. The first thing you can do is contact the addiction rehab center to ask if they accept that form of insurance. You can also find out through TRICARE which rehab centers they work with.

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