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End Your Addiction with a 12 Step Drug Rehab

The 12 step drug rehab program is one of the most widely used by the best rehab centers due to their popularity and proven success. The 12 steps have been around for nearly 100 years now and most people can often find a personal story of how somebody was able to get sober through 12 step groups.

The History of 12-Step Programs

Founded in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that was built around the 12 step program.  The overarching idea of the program is that people who struggled with a dependence to alcohol could help others with the same struggle. Over the years, the programs has expanded and today it is a popular choice of treatment for drug addiction and other forms of addiction as well. The way the 12-steps work allows patients to deal with the issues that surround any type of addictive behavior. The program always helps others realize that they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

What Are the 12 Steps

Typically the counselors in a 12 step drug rehab will discuss the 12 steps but never move past the third step with a patient. Oftentimes the rest is to be completed once the patient leaves treatment and starts going to the 12 step meetings in his or her area. The goal of this is to introduce them to the program and work on the hardest steps while in treatment and then continue working on the steps with other like minded people to help build a support group. The best 12 step drug rehabs will hold 12 step meetings at their center so people new to recovery can become familiar the process before leaving the rehab. This is because many people fear things they don’t know about. During their time in treatment, and during those 12 step meetings in their local area, they will learn to follow these steps:

Step 1 – Admitting you are powerless over your addiction. Recognizing that you can no longer manage your life because of the addiction.

Step 2 – Build belief in a higher power that will restore you to a healthy life without the addiction.

Step 3 – Decide to turn yourself over to the higher power.

Step 4 – Take inventory of one’s self and how the impact of the addiction on yourself and others.

Step 5 – Admit to yourself, to someone else and to the higher power the wrongs that you have done and the impact they have had.

Step 6 – Allow yourself to let the higher power remove the defects you have.

Step 7 – Ask the higher power in a humble way to remove the defects.

Step 8 – Make a list of the people who you have harmed through your addiction. Allow yourself to make amends to them.

Step 9 – Reach out to the people on the list to make amends to them whenever possible unless doing so would cause them harm or injury.

Step 10 – Keep taking a personal inventory and continue taking steps to admit mistakes when they occur.

Step 11 – Through prayer and meditation, continue to improve the relationship with the higher power.

Step 12 – Take what you have learned through the steps and take that message to anyone else that need help when struggling with addiction.

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12 Step Support Groups

Addiction isolates a person, pushes loves ones away, and leaves a person to deal with the problems of their addiction alone. During the first few steps of the 12 step treatment, a person needs to learn to lean on support from a higher power. However, that is not the only support a person needs as they work through their addiction. People also need to find the support of others that surround them. Because many people alienate those closest to them, often the best option would be to turn to support groups to help. Some of these 12 step groups include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al- Anon, and Alateen &  Gamblers Anonymous.

Traveling for 12 Step Drug Rehab

Traveling for treatment is often the best way for a person to escape the environment that supports addiction. Because the 12 step programs work to provide a person support for ending their addiction and avoiding relapse, getting away from the environment where the addiction could be beneficial.

If you travel to one of our centers for treatment our counselors will work hard to find the best 12 step groups in your community you are returning back to. The goal of Sunshine Behavioral Health is to never have a returning patient.

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Paying for 12 Step Drug Rehab

The cost of a private drug rehab program can cost a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. For many who have ruined their financial health because of the addiction, finding the money for treatment is difficult. Thankfully, there are several options to pay for 12-step drug rehab including insurance, scholarships, and community-based programs. With that being said though, no matter what, the cost of an addiction will almost always be higher than the cost of any rehab.

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