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 Faith in Recovery from Addiction

Going Deeper into Addiction Recovery with a better Spiritual Foundation

Addiction is never an easy journey. More often than not, the individual suffering from addiction is fighting a long and hard battle against himself, as well as societal prejudices. Though families and friends might react negatively to the individual’s admission of his addiction problem, in the end, the confession is one step to getting the help he needs and rally on the family members to fight the battle together.

Things are made more complicated in cases of individuals suffering from addiction who are also religious. Those in their church or other people who have firm faith in God might judge them and wrestle with them, telling them that they’re not worthy to be part of the religious community anymore. In these cases, the best thing to do is to try faith-based drug treatment centers.

Based on recent statistics, millions of people struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Regardless of one’s spirituality, it is undeniable that addiction can affect an individual in various ways. Religious teachings and beliefs would point that getting hooked and addicted to alcohol and drugs are never moral or ethical. However, if you look at the issue closely, you can say that addiction is not a moral or ethical question. Becoming addicted is not a failure of your moral and ethical standard. What you do about it is what determines your strength and value.

According to Live Science , almost 21 million of the American population used drugs in 2015. Following the religious people’s argument, does it mean that this huge number of people are all unethical and immoral? Should the circumstances surrounding their addiction problem be discounted? Don’t they deserve a chance to redeem themselves and improve their lives by getting sober? With such a label as unethical and immoral, it seems that these people are forever stigmatized and will never change.

Of course, it is easier to make a judgment if you are not walking in the shoe of a religious individual caught up in drugs or alcohol. More often than not, simply because they are religious, they start to have negative opinions of themselves based on their beliefs. They start to believe that they are really lacking and failing in their obligation in faith. This is not very helpful in their recovery process.

In faith-based rehab, these religious individuals who suffer from addiction are subjected to treatment plans and activities that will allow them to reconnect with the higher power and seek help to overcome their addiction problem. In faith-based drug rehab centers, addicted individuals are being helped in growing their religious beliefs as they work better into their recovery.

What are the Treatment Plans Offered in Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation Centers?

In faith-based drug rehab, patients are being offered treatments that aim to improve their medical and spiritual condition. Here, the spiritual aspect is vital to the entire treatment program on top of traditional addiction treatment programs. It starts with the intake and analysis to know the exact condition of the patient so that the assessors can draft an appropriate treatment plan customized to the needs of the patient. After the intake and assessment, detox will follow. Here, the patient might be prescribed medication to help him cope with the withdrawal symptoms that he might experience during detoxification.

Aside from these, other psychological and medical treatments may include:

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Life skills
  • Training on Emotional Coping

During counseling, certified professional are present to provide guidance.

There are also spiritual discussions and reflection sessions with their peers so they can support and empower each other through their faith.

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Why Should You Choose Faith-Based Alcohol Treatment Centers and Faith-Based Rehab Centers?

In a recent study conducted and published by researchers from the Baylor University, it was found that religious practices can significantly diminish destructive acts and behaviors like alcohol abuse and drug addiction. The spiritual, emotional, and physical nurturing and care offered by faith-based drug rehab are vital in helping the patients achieve lifetime sobriety.


Finding the Right Faith Rehab Center

Seeking out Faith drug rehab is a great first step towards overcoming addiction. However, if you or your loved one are to fully recover, it is vital that you find the right Faith drug rehab center for your situation. This will ensure that you get the best care and treatment possible.
Below are a few tips on how you can choose the right Faith rehab center:

Quality of Care

Does the treatment program use Faith teachings, if so how? Does the center have spiritual counselors ? These questions can be answered when you call and speak to the admissions department.  Of course, the quality of care is just as important as how religious they are. There should be an experienced staff of medical professionals, addiction counselors, and therapists .

What Demographics are Served at the Facility

What demographic of people are being treated at the facility? Is the facility co-ed or do they treat only men or only women? Perhaps the center treats both but they are segregated during their stay.  Do they treat all addictions, or would it be beneficial to find a center that only deals with alcohol or only deals with drugs? Which treatment styles are offered or is it just Faith programs. These questions are important to know especially when choosing a Faith drug rehab center.

Choose a center that is certified

Before you settle on any Faith drug rehab center, it is a good idea to make sure that they are accredited. Most centers that are accredited and certified have this clear on their website but you can always ask the center as well. You want to choose a center that you can go to or send your loved one to and know that your well being and recovery is the top priority.

Patient Therapist Ratio

A center with a small patient to therapist ratio is the ideal center. An addict in recovery needs enough time to work with their therapist while at rehab. Often times there are deep seeded issues that lead to alcohol and drug use that must be uncovered. This takes times to build up trust and discuss with a therapist and also gain closure. Going to a facility with a small ratio means you will have more time to dive into these topics.

What to Expect From Faith Drug Rehab Centers

Many professionals working at a Faith rehab center will be of the same faith and have similar beliefs as the clients. This could help workers and clients relate to each other and help clients feel comfortable and safe. Many people who have never been to rehab are nervous about attending because they do not know what to expect. At our centers here is what you can expect during your Faith addiction treatment experience:

Intake – The intake process is where you enter the facility and meet the staff. You will typically have a routine physical to make sure you have no disease the staff should know about. You also will go over your medical history and history of drug and alcohol use. During intake, the information you give will help the staff in building your detox and treatment plans.

Paying for Faith Treatment Centers

Paying to get into one of our Faith treatment centers does not have to cost as much as you may believe. When you are ready to go into treatment the first step would be to call us or fill out our insurance verification form. Healthcare includes addiction treatment in most policies and we will advocate for you to ensure that you are getting the most coverage from your insurer. We aim to get everyone into treatment with little to no out of pocket expense.

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