Why Individualized Treatment in Rehab is Effective

Why Individualized Treatment in Rehab is Effective

In many health conditions, there is a specific protocol needed in order for treatment to be effective. However, this approach is loosely followed in substance abuse rehabilitation, and the emphasis is placed on individualized treatment. Why is this so, and why is specialized care more effective? Read to know more.

In the medical field, contagious diseases such as hepatitis or influenza, and even other recognizable health conditions such as cystic fibrosis or type II diabetes often require a one-path approach to treatment. The medications given, as well as the necessary operations, are often the same. This is primarily because of the mechanism of how the disease affects the body, and its initial causes are similar for all patients.

However, substance abuse and related mental health conditions paint a different picture. These conditions cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, it is important that individualized plans are available for each patient.

Why Is Individualized Alcohol & Drug Treatment Important?

Unlike diseases caused by a single type of virus or foreign body, substance abuse presents itself with different causes towards each person affected. There are various causes that tie addiction in an individual, including:

  • Family history of substance use
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Mental health problems
  • Living or growing up in an environment with drug or alcohol exposure
  • Trauma
  • Other co-occurring health conditions

The unique thing about addiction is for each patient, one, only some, or even all of these causes can be attributed to their condition. In that sense, addressing the substance abuse problem in the same way for everyone would be pointless and ineffective. It is essential to learn about each individual and finding out treatment options that would truly work for them.

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Elements Of Individualized Treatment

A quality rehab center ensures that each individual gets a custom-fit treatment they deserve. This simply means that along with the recommendations of addiction specialists, patients have the autonomy to choose treatment options that they think would work best for them. It can be a single approach or combination of approaches, depending on the clients’ needs and preferences. That being said, there are general elements of an individualized treatment:

Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is the key to determining specialized, laser-focused care. This assessment goes beyond just checking the patient’s body for traces of drugs or alcohol–it considers reviewing what may have triggered the addictions, and other internal or external factors that contribute to substance abuse. It may include:

  • Drug screening or tests
  • Psychological assessment
  • Lab procedures
  • General health assessment

By making sure that each patient goes through a comprehensive evaluation, addiction experts can determine which treatment options will be most effective.

Patient-focused Treatment

The second element of individualized care are patient-focused treatment approaches. What does this stand for? This means that every type of management that will be used during drug or alcohol rehab will put the patient’s needs in top consideration.

Each person gets to go through treatment at their own pace and level of comfort. If a patient feels uncomfortable or senses that the treatment isn’t working, specialists can introduce a different treatment approach than was previously done. Although guidelines are implemented to ensure effective treatment, patient-focused rehab centers make sure that they listen to each individual and their specific needs. Sunshine Behavioral Health offers the following client-centered treatment approaches:

  • 12 Step Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Faith Treatment
  • Holistic Treatment
  • IOP Program
  • Non-12 Step Treatment
  • SMART Recovery
  • Luxury Rehab

The number of treatment options available is also a sign of a patient-focused rehab center. When addiction specialists present a variety of options for each individual, there are better chances they will get to pick or combine the type of addiction management that works for them. Additionally, individualized therapy options should be available so that each patient can combine various rehab programs that are best suited to their needs. Examples of it are:

  • Psychotherapies (Cognitive-behavioral, Dialectical, etc.)
  • Holistic therapies (Massage therapy, Aromatherapy, etc.)
  • Counseling (One-on-one, group or family)
  • Nature, art and music therapy

Information About Personalized Treatment Plans

If you are looking for more resources about personalized treatment plans, our contact information is available as we can elaborate on options that may be of interest to you. We will also inform you about the usual process of getting started on substance abuse rehab, of which being involved with the creation of your own personalized treatment plan will be included.

To get started on your drug or alcohol rehab, you will go through:

  • Verifying your insurance or other financial options
  • Complying with work or other responsibility guidelines before attending an in-patient rehab
  • Undergoing a comprehensive initial evaluation

After these processes are completed, you, along with the help of addiction specialists can get started on creating your personalized treatment plan. The treatment process usually starts with an intensive detox, where you will be provided with time to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms of drugs or alcohol. Following the detox, you can proceed to follow through your personalized treatment plan, which may include the options mentioned above. An example of a treatment plan would be:

Sample Individualized Treatment Plan

  • 12-Step Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy via one-on-one counseling
  • Art therapy and journaling
  • Whole foods diet and moderate cardio exercise

Patients and specialists can brainstorm and combine treatment options that would be deemed realistic and effective during the entire rehab program.

You Are Unique, And So Should Be Your Treatment

There is no specific mold when it comes to providing management options for substance abuse. In fact, choosing to be involved with creating your own treatment plan will help you become motivated in following it through. As each individual is unique and their reasons for being addicted, such should be the number of approaches that they can utilize to achieve sobriety.

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